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What AIM Can Deliver.

AIM is a secure, cloud hosted solution which will save time and money.
AIM will increase engagement from your Students, Parents and Staff.

AIM Sixth Form Admissions

Manage your admissions process, maximise student places with random selection and full transparency.

AIM Behaviour

Manage student behaviour, identify trends and keep accurate records of interventions.

AIM Bookings

Central access for booking school resources; classrooms, IT or transport.

Parent Portals

Instant access to information for parents.

AIM Homework

Manage Homework tasks and student submissions.

Performance Dashboards

Real-time access to critical performance statistics to inform strategic decision making.

AIM Communication

Effective communication with students, parents and teachers via email, SMS or within AIM.

AIM Compliance

Manage school policy, breech reports and ensure compliance.

School Reports

Create, review, distribute and review engagement of school reports.

Why AIM?

Manage students, school resources, academic admissions and communications.
Secure data access when and where you need it with one login.
AIM is a scalable, modular platform which works with your existing data.


Provide peace of mind for your school with this secure platform.

Web Based

AIM is an entirely web based solution allowing access via your web browser.


Clear and effective communication with all school contacts.

Empowering Decisions

Information at your fingertips empowers you to make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Why AIM?
Time Saving

Streamline essential processes, maximising staff teaching time and increasing accuracy.

Works with You

Integrate with your existing systems making AIM a natural extension.

Save Money

Single low-cost license and no need for expensive on-site IT resources.

Simple and Intuitive

Easy to use interface, designed in partnership with schools.

AIM Behaviour Logo Behaviour

Manage student behaviour across the school.
Allow staff to create, assign, manage and track the incident and any outcomes.
Provide school leaders with the data needed for making effective decisions.

Track Incidents

Record and track all incidents, providing key staff with accurate information to inform decision making. Highlight behavioural trends allowing pre-emptive policy adaptations.

Outcome Progression

Record outcomes including detentions, isolations and exclusions providing a complete student record.


Update activity to track the effectiveness of any intervention.

House Points

Reinforce positive behaviours, incentivise continued achievement and encourage inter-house competition.


AIM Bookings Logo Bookings

Manage bookings for all resources within your school.
Reserve classrooms, IT resources, transport and teaching aids.
Simple access for all staff from anywhere, anytime.

Timetable Integration

Integration with your school's timetable enables up to date allocations.

Automatic Notifications

Automatically notify staff of booking amendments.

Taggable Resources

Custom tags applied to bookable resources enable staff to view them in relevant categories.


AIM Communications Logo Communications

Communicate with staff, parents and students in a fast and convenient manner.
Reduce costs while ensuring key communications get to their intended target.
Increases engagement while saving time and money.

Text Messages on Phone
Email Communications

Ensure delivery of school notices without relying on Students.

SMS Messages

Important notices can be delivered to recipients via SMS.

Delivery Reporting

SMS and Email messages are tracked by AIM, enabling the school to confirm that recipients are receiving the messages and provides insight into their engagement with communications.

Reduce Costs

Save time and money as well as increasing the effectiveness of your communication.

Targeted Communication

Increase the effectiveness of any communication by ensuring your communications reach the right target, with the right information.

AIM Compliance Logo Compliance

Assurance that your regulatory compliance and security (including GDPR) is managed through one comprehensive online platform.

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Data Breaches

Enables staff to report potential data breaches for management by the school's data protection team.

Staff Training

Track distribution, attendance and provision of staff training courses and school policy documents along with electronic acknowledgements for recording on personnel records.

Data Processing Consent

Collects data processing consent from parental contacts, providing clear proof of consent for data processing activities carried out by the school. Users can revise their consents at any time via the AIM Portal.

AIM Homework Logo Homework

Plan homework tasks for immediate and future assignment.
Allocate to whole class groups as well as set specific tasks for individual students.
Monitor and manage student submissions.

Homework Tasks

Create tasks with active links to relevant supporting materials.


Accept in class and electronic submissions, centrally recording student submissions against expected deadlines.


Improved visibility of student performance, identifying those that need support. Students receive immediate feedback and can access their grades electronically.

Instant Access

Parents and students have complete visibility of assigned homework status.

AIM Sixth Form Admissions Logo Sixth Form Admissions

Manage the entire admissions process from first application, through exam result processing to final place acceptance.
AIM maximises sixth form capacity based upon applicant details and school resources.
AIM Admissions Modelling, illustrates student numbers based on potential resource changes.


AIM randomly selects applicants based on your own criteria, providing a fair and impartial selection process. This maximises Sixth Form capacity while minimising appeals and allowing the school to demonstrate transparency in the selection process.

Reduced Errors

Applicants apply online in the self service portal and input their own information. This minimises data entry errors inherent to traditional paper based applications and also saves staff time transferring the information to electronic systems.

Effective Communication

Communication is simple and more intuitive. Applicants using the AIM Messaging features are more likely to ask questions earlier in the process, reducing delays and creating a smoother, more effective application process for both students and the school.

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AIM Third Party Integration Logo Third Party Integration

AIM integrates with systems you're already familiar with, using your existing data to reduce repetitive data entry across platforms allowing you to benefit immediately from AIM features.

Jigsaw Puzzle pieces
Reduced Data Entry

If you already have a system which holds your user data, AIM can integrate with it to reduce the overhead of re-entering data. This saves staff time and enables you to implement AIM quickly using your existing, verified data.

Centralised Data

Integrating with third party platforms enables you to utilise the functionality of AIM to see the key data from a central location within the AIM system.

Current Integrations:

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